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July 2009




Pollution:  A Global Killer, A Solvable Problem

New York Times and BBC Spotlights Blacksmith Project in La Oroya


Blacksmith Goes from House to House, Preparing for Children's Return 



Another Chernobyl?



Toxin-Eating Worms to Take on Golden Corridor 


More Experts Volunteer for Blacksmith Projects


Health and Pollution Fund




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Top 10 Worst Pollution Problems






New York Times: In the Andes, a Toxic Site also Provides a Livelihood

BBC World News: Peru Smelter Pollution at Crisis Point

Peruvian Times: Doe Run Miners in La Oroya Protest Temporary Layoff

Q&A with Blacksmith Eastern European Coordinator about Kyrgyzstan:  Mailuu Suu Radioactive Tailings Continue to Pose Risk

Report: Mass Lead Intoxication in Senegal





Health and Pollution  Fund

Blacksmith is leading the global fight to eliminate toxic pollution in the developing world with the creation of the Health and Pollution Fund(HPF), an ambitious $500 million international initiative Blacksmith is spearheading with the Asian Development Bank.

As part of the HPF, Blacksmith investigators are currently crisscrossing the globe to build the world's first comprehensive global inventory of the worst polluted places with the most at-risk communities. These toxic sites will be ranked in order of priority for cleanup under the HPF. 

Over 200 sites will be targeted for remediation beginning in 2010.  Once these hotspots are cleaned, toxic pollution would, for the most part, be eliminated in the developing world.





The World Health Organization estimates that 20% of deaths in the developing world directly result from pollution, making it one of the biggest killers, affecting over a billion people.




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Pollution: A Global Killer, A Solvable Problem.

Richard Fuller"This is a finite problem.  There are a finite number of toxic hotspots around the world, which are poisoning families right where they live. We know where they are. We just have to clean them. We can eliminate life-threatening toxic pollution in our lifetimes."

-- Richard Fuller, President, Blacksmith Institute

What if I told you we could solve one of the biggest problems in the world - a global killer affecting over a billion people?

This new Blacksmith Institute newsletter will track our progress as we do just that.  It will record our journey as we work to clean up the worst of the worst cases of life-threatening pollution in the developing world.

In today's interconnected economy, pollution is everyone's problem. That is why I started the not-for-profit Blacksmith Institute 10 years ago.

As we work around the world, we are constantly finding new worst case scenario candidates such as the Gorlovka chemical plant, which we are desperately trying to contain.  Each site we identify and each project we complete takes us one step closer towards our goal of ELIMINATING toxic pollution in the developing world.


Help us work towards a cleaner world, one site at a time.

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Peru: New York Times and BBC Spotlights Blacksmith Project in La Oroya

New York Times and BBC News recently reported on the critical lead pollution situation in La Oroya, Peru, which was identified as one of the top ten worst polluted places in Blacksmith's world's worst report.  

On their last visit to La Oroya, Blacksmith experts reported...

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Senegal: Blacksmith Goes from House to House, Preparing for Childen's Return

SenegalLast year, Blacksmith was called to Senegal to conduct cleanup after the sudden death of 18 children from lead poisoning.  Surviving youngsters, who were taken away for treatment, will soon be returning home to Thiaroye-Sur-Mer and Blacksmith is there to make sure their houses are cleared of toxic lead dust.

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Ukraine: Another Chernobyl? 

UkraineIt is an accident waiting to happen. Blacksmith technical experts put the chance of a catastrophic event occurring at the Gorlovka chemical plant at more than five percent per year.  The estimated death toll could be in the hundreds of thousands, much larger in scale than Chernobyl and Bophal--two of the worst industrial accidents in modern history...

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India: Toxin-Eating Worms to Take on Golden Corridor

worms from India

Blacksmith's innovative program using earthworms to fight pollution will expand to at least ten sites along the Golden Corridor in Gujarat, India.


This is based on the success of a just-concluded pilot project in Muthia, where Blacksmith has been experimenting over the past three years...

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More Experts Volunteer for Blacksmith Projects

Blacksmith's team of international experts is growing with four new volunteers joining Blacksmith's Technical Advisory Board (TAB).  They will boost the number of internationally respected academics, scientists, researchers and other industry leaders working with Blacksmith. 

Joining the team are Vasco Duke Hernandez, head of Environmental Research at the University of Panama, and Maria del Rosario Alfaro, a respected environmental contamination inspector from Costa Rica. Thomas G. Boivin and Grant S. Bruce, respectively the President and Vice-President of Canada-based Hatfield Consultants, will bring their worldwide expertise in environmental services to Blacksmith. 

"The people at Blacksmith are dedicated professionals working on critical, acute pollution problems in areas of the world that need it most," notes Jay Vandeven of Environ, a TAB member since 2008. "Having worked as a professional consulting environmental engineer for the past 25 years, I am excited to contribute to the success of the Blacksmith Institute."

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